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What are recovery programs?

There are many different drug addiction recovery programs. They are all designed to assist and support addicts in coming off drugs and preventing relapse. Different methods used in addiction recovery programs are specific to certain kinds of substances and tailored to the client’s needs.

Some people benefit most from a recovery program that focuses on individual counseling, while others find group therapy more useful. Many rehabilitation programs include a range of alternative therapies based on music or restorative yoga.

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What is an addiction treatment program?

Addiction treatment programs are particular combinations of therapies tailored to specific types of substance abuse and the individual client’s preferences. Examples of some of the most well-known programs include:

  • 12 Steps

This is the approach started with Alcoholics Anonymous and has now become one of the most widely implemented addiction recovery programs in the world. It is based on 12 stages of recovery from admitting you are an addict, to exploring the origins of addiction and finally developing a new drug-free life. It puts a lot of emphasis on group therapy and peer support.

  • SMART (Self Management and Recovery Training)

Another form of group therapy, this program seeks to develop abstinence through rationalization, mindfulness, open discussion and journal keeping. A lot of emphasis is put on learning to recognize “triggers” and either changing your response or avoiding them.

  • Individual Counseling

Not everyone is comfortable in group therapy. Individual counselling is a one-to-one therapeutic process which helps the recovering addict to explore and understand the root causes of addiction and develop effective strategies to overcome substance abuse.

What complimentary therapies can be used in a recovery program?

Many complimentary therapies may be offered to support a recovery program.

  • Art therapy bypasses verbal expression and allows people to express thoughts, emotions and experiences. It can be especially useful for those who have experienced childhood trauma that predates linguistic skills.
  • Music therapy uses listening, singing or dancing to help clients manage and express their thoughts and emotions during recovery.
  • Restorative yoga helps some people manage their cravings during recovery, facilitating mindfulness and an increased ability to focus on the present.
  • Moral Recognition Therapy (MRT) aims to enhance moral development, as poor moral reasoning may be a problem for many substance abusers. This treatment approach can be particularly effective for resistant clients.
  • Biofeedback treatments aim to teach people how to control their heart rate, breathing and other bodily functions by raising awareness of these functions. It can be useful in helping people cope with stress and anxiety during recovery.


What makes drug addiction treatment effective?

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, there are key principles that ensure maximum chances of successful recovery. Some of the principles are outlined here.

  • The first step should be a professionally supported medical detox program.
  • Once detox is complete, a therapeutic program designed to help the client understand addiction, its underlying causes, and develop new methods of coping to avoid relapse, must be initiated.
  • A client’s physical and psychological well-being should be carefully monitored throughout. Special attention should be given to any co-existent mental health issues and appropriate action advised.
  • The option for continued support, either in a community setting or as an outpatient, should be made available.

Given a proper treatment program, many addicts go on to full- and long-term recovery. If you’re struggling with drug or alcohol abuse and want to learn more about our treatment therapies, call Alcohol Treatment Centers Hoboken today at (201) 620-9144.