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Alcohol Treatment Centers Hoboken (201) 620-9144 Drug Rehab

Alcohol Rehab and Drug Treatment Centers Hoboken NJ

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If you’re suffering from drug abuse or addiction in Hoboken NJ call Drug Treatment Centers Hoboken for recovery and rehabilitation.

Alcohol Treatment Centers Hoboken (201) 620-9144 Drug Rehab

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Alcohol Treatment Centers Hoboken (201) 620-9144 Drug Rehab

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Alcohol Treatment Centers Hoboken (201) 620-9144 Drug Rehab

Drug Abuse Prevention

The main goal in drug abuse prevention is to ensure that a patient not only achieves sobriety, but that their sobriety is life-long.

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Alcohol Treatment Centers Hoboken (201) 620-9144 Drug Rehab

Alcohol Rehab

Drug and alcohol rehab can help people with even the most severe cases of addiction overcome the disease.

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Alcohol Treatment Centers Hoboken (201) 620-9144

For over two decades, Alcohol Treatment Centers Hoboken has been a premier provider of treatment for alcoholism and accompanying co-occurring disorders. The key features that makes us stand out from other alcohol treatment centers is an ongoing quest and implementation of signature programs that turn the recovery experience into a life transforming journey.

Recognizing that a generic treatment model is ineffective for everyone, we take a highly personalized approach to treatment. This means, at Alcohol Treatment Centers Hoboken, you are treated as an individual and your recovery program is tailored to address your specific needs.  We also assign a highly credentialed treatment team to every patient at intake that assess, plan and monitor your treatment program.

The environment at Alcohol Treatment Centers Hoboken is also an essential component of rehabilitation. We concur with studies showing that the atmosphere in which treatment is received can either enhance or impede the recovery process. Although we provide a luxurious environment complete with lush greenery and multiple areas of respite, it is also a homelike atmosphere in which you will feel safe and comfortable. Walk the path to sobriety, take the first step and call (201) 620-9144.

Our overall treatment model has not only been successful in helping clients to achieve their recovery goals but has also received the gold seal of approval and accreditation by the Joint Commission for meeting and exceeding the stipulated addiction treatment requirements. Our patients are always assured of…

  1. Privacy and comfort in a state of the art facility
  2. The most compassionate and professional continuum of care
  3. Cutting-edge Evidence-Based Addiction Treatment Interventions
  4. A customer-centric approach and customized treatment Programs
  5. Multidisciplinary Board Certified Physicians, Psychiatrists, Nurses and other addiction treatment specialists.

To meet the needs of our patients who are at varying stages of addiction we provide inpatient detox procedures, short and long term residential programs, intensive outpatient, partial hospitalization and a sober living community environment.

Since addiction affects every area of a person’s life our treatment processes address the mind, body and spirit connection to effect total healing.  Our recovery processes also goes beyond the addiction to address the physical, psychological and emotional imbalances caused by addiction. With attention from some of the leading addiction specialists, many with experience dealing with addiction in some facet of their own lives, our patients are privy to extensive experience and deep levels of understanding.  Also, in keeping with our philosophy that treatment must fit the individual, we integrate a range of traditional and holistic therapies such as:

  • Art Therapy
  • Equine Therapy
  • 12-Step Programs
  • SMART Recovery
  • Neurofeedback
  • Biosound Therapy
  • Individual, group and family Counseling
  • Psycho-educational Programs
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy; etc.

To overcome alcohol abuse disorders, alcohol rehab is important and essential because of the complexities of this disease. According to Dr. James Garbutt, professor of psychiatry at the University of the North Carolina School of Medicine, alcohol affects the body in innumerable ways and all its effects are still not fully understood. What we do know for sure however, is that that chronic alcohol consumption is linked to over 60 disease. In addition, alcohol poisoning often caused by binge drinking has been killing more adults today, especially women, than ever before.

If you have a problem with alcohol abuse in Hoboken get help immediately. Call Alcohol Treatment Centers Hoboken at (201) 620-9144 to avoid becoming a statistic of this deadly disease.

About Hoboken

Hoboken is located in Hudson County, New Jersey with a population of at least 52,575. The city’s development originated from an island environment surrounded by the Hudson River on the east and tidal lands at the foot of the New Jersey Palisades on the west. The serpentine rock formation attracted a small group of the Lenni Lanape Native American tribe who camped there seasonally to carve pipes.  After the arrival of the Dutch West Indian immigrants and acquisition of a land grant, it soon became a colony for approximately fifty people initially. By the end of the Revolutionary War, the property known as “William Bayard’s farm at Hoebuck” which was later renamed Hoboken was purchased by Colonel John Stevens who developed the waterfront as a resort.  His ship, the “Juliana” also began to operate as a ferry between Manhattan and Hoboken, making it the world’s first commercial steam ferry. His expansive endeavors also included a steam locomotive and the Hoboken Land and Improvement Company, which laid out a system of streets, blocks and lots, constructed housing, and developed manufacturing sites was the real beginning of the growth of this city. Today, Hoboken has many annual events such as the Frank Sinatra Idol Contest, the Hoboken Comedy Festival, Hoboken House Tours, Hoboken International Film Festival, Hoboken Studio Tours, Hoboken Arts and Music Festival and the Hoboken (Secret) Garden Tour and Movies Under the Stars.